Remember to Enjoy the Small Things

This week has helped me remember to enjoy the small things. I tend to get caught up in the stresses of the moment, both good and bad. That isn’t always a wrong thing, but sometimes, as the stress and pressure mounts, that’s where all my focus goes. I miss some of the good things goingContinue reading “Remember to Enjoy the Small Things”

If Only I Could Time Travel

This week I’m excited. I have my next book completely ready to go live on September 3, 2021. Dissonance, is a sequel to my time travel book Resonance, and is out as a preorder on Amazon Kindle until September 3, 2021. I’ve always liked time travel stories because of the way things could happen. IContinue reading “If Only I Could Time Travel”

We’re All the Protagonists of Our Unfinished Stories

I made it through another week. It seems my posts about handling my stress help me to manage it better. Take my post last week about choosing to be happy, regardless of the outside influences. I wrote that thinking I needed to do better. Like always seems to happen, when I try to improve, IContinue reading “We’re All the Protagonists of Our Unfinished Stories”

Can We Choose to Be Happy?

I discovered something this week, or maybe I should say I relearned something this week. Sometimes, I choose to let outside influences determine my mood. But it doesn’t need to be that way. In the midst of all the seemingly compounding stress of my day job, I found myself growing quite frustrated. In fact, theContinue reading “Can We Choose to Be Happy?”

Don’t Miss the Small Things

Talking with a relative this week, I was reminded how easy it is to miss the small things. With all that happens in my day job and my family’s activities, it’s easy to focus on just what needs to be done. It’s easy to focus on the stress. Whether that is managing several projects inContinue reading “Don’t Miss the Small Things”

My Progress on My Next Book

I’m reading through my time travel book one more time before I pass it on to my beta readers. I finished writing it this last week, and at 130,000 words it is one of the longer books I have written. I plan to have it ready for Amazon Kindle by the end of March. LikeContinue reading “My Progress on My Next Book”

Is 2021 the year where everything changes?

We made it through one of the roughest years I remember. But although it was a rough year, I learned an awful lot about myself. I learned that I am not too old to try new things, such as this website with a blog. I’ve always loved writing, but I’ve always been nervous about puttingContinue reading “Is 2021 the year where everything changes?”