The Right Supporting Characters

As I work through my outline for my next book, I’ve found myself concentrating on the supporting characters. These are the characters that interact with the main character and can help make the story richer. Sometimes, they may help the main character and other times they may distract them. Not every character is ready toContinue reading “The Right Supporting Characters”

Building the Story’s Environment

As I work through my next book idea, I’ve been concentrating a lot on the milieu of this story. It’s a science fiction story, taking place far into the future. Freedom is one of the themes I’ve found myself playing with as I develop this story. Beyond just playing with the theme, I’ve been lookingContinue reading “Building the Story’s Environment”

When a Character Adapts

I find myself thinking about people a lot as I interact with them throughout the day. Part of that comes from the way I’m constantly thinking about my next story and trying to make my characters come even more alive. As I pay attention to the people I interact with each day, I’ve noticed aContinue reading “When a Character Adapts”

Building Characters for Another Story Idea

Two weeks into the new year, and I’m still working on my next story idea. I’ve written a lot of stories, and I’ve put a few of them on Amazon as books. I enjoy the process of developing and thinking through stories. Characters are one of my favorite pieces to build and think about. BecauseContinue reading “Building Characters for Another Story Idea”

Another Fresh Start

The beginning of a new year is sometimes exciting. It’s like grabbing a new book and reading it. I have some ideas what I want from the year, or from the experience of reading a new book. Like the characters in the beginning of a book, I have what I think is a decent ideaContinue reading “Another Fresh Start”

I Finished It

I finished the book I’ve been working on for this year. For All the Stones is available on Kindle and Amazon as a paperback. It is a story that takes place in a world that has just started to connect with electricity. Magic still exists in people’s collective memories but, electricity and industrialization fill theContinue reading “I Finished It”

Like a Story’s Rising Conflict

It’s nice to have surprises, especially during this time of year. With Christmas only days away and the new year just a week after it, things can get stressful. In some ways it can feel like the rising conflict of a story. At that point where the reader gets a general idea of the dangerContinue reading “Like a Story’s Rising Conflict”

The Little Things Make All the Difference

It’s that time of year when I find myself noticing the small things that happen all around. Whether it is a stranger smiling or wishing happy holidays, or a small accomplishment in my day job, they’re always there if I look. This time of year I look more for them because of the holiday season.Continue reading “The Little Things Make All the Difference”

Working to Revise My Book

This week, I’ve been revising and editing my book. I generally work through it chapter by chapter, finding and fixing the errors and straightening up the story. It’s a fun process, but it takes time. When I could probably read the book cover to cover in a week, this may take me a couple weeks.Continue reading “Working to Revise My Book”

Just One Chapter Away

These last two weeks have been busy. I’m almost done with my draft of my current book. I’m just one chapter away from the ending I wrote a few weeks ago. The story is shaping up nicely, but once I finish this draft, I’ll spend some time going back through it to perfect it. IContinue reading “Just One Chapter Away”