2020 A Year to Remember, Maybe

This year has been a struggle for many. I know it has been rough for me and my family, but our struggles pale in comparison to those of many others. As we near the end of 2020, I look forward to a new year. Will it be better than 2020?

I think that is a question of perspective. I had struggles in 2020 that I would never have imagined. But, at the same time, I achieved a few of my goals. I’ve earned my Blackbelt in karate, and I’ve taken charge of my writing.

I now have five books published on Amazon. The Threads Unbound is a young adult fantasy story. Demons of a Dead World and Secrets of a Dead World are the first two in a young adult science fiction story. The Promise of Dust is a science fiction story that takes place on Venus. My latest book Progenitor’s Legacy: Deceit is a science fiction story set quite a bit farther into the future (it is also the longest story I’ve written so far).

I plan to have my next book on Amazon before the end of March. It is a science fiction story that deals with the accidental discovery of time travel via an alternate dimension and the struggle to put the rabbit back into the hat. So, while 2020 has been a rough year, who knows what 2021 will bring? I think it will bring more of the same. It could bring greater struggles and greater opportunities. It depends on our view and our actions. We don’t always get to choose what happens to us, or when. But we do get to choose how we react to it.

I hope to make 2021 even better.

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