The Inciting Event

Change is constant. Just like the inciting event in a story, some changes open the way for bigger growth. Think about some of the best stories and how the main character changed from the beginning to the end. In many stories, the inciting incident is the moment or event that disrupts the characters’ lives. InContinue reading “The Inciting Event”

Plans, Dreams, and Reality

Earlier this week, I had a discussion with someone I trust about how reality beats out dreams sometimes, especially if we don’t adjust our plans or try new approaches. It got me thinking. Everyone has dreams, aspirations, and goals, even if they don’t realize it or make them a reality. In my life, I’ve takenContinue reading “Plans, Dreams, and Reality”

One of My Best Books

While I continue to write my current work in progress, I’ve also been rereading one of my favorite books I’ve written. I just set up my book A Map, a Mage, and a Sacrifice with a new cover, one that fits the story better, and I also have it set up as a free KindleContinue reading “One of My Best Books”


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