Is 2021 the year where everything changes?

We made it through one of the roughest years I remember. But although it was a rough year, I learned an awful lot about myself. I learned that I am not too old to try new things, such as this website with a blog. I’ve always loved writing, but I’ve always been nervous about putting myself out there.

This last year, 2020, I changed that a bit. I set a goal to publish a good book on Amazon Kindle every three months, starting with September. I’ve reorganized my time so I could write even more. But I must admit some of my inspiration came from my two daughters. One graduated from high school last year with an Associates Degree also, and my other one, due to the pandemic, decided she would finish high school with online classes. She finished in December and is moving away to college this week.

I’m proud of both for the way they have taken charge of their lives. They have both set goals and done whatever it takes to get there. They’ve both taken charge of themselves. They’re acting on their goals.

So, while last year was a rough one, with pay cuts, furloughs, etc. it was also a great one. I realized some of my goals, my blackbelt in karate was a big one, getting a few books on Amazon was another.

Is 2021 the year where everything changes? Maybe we’ll have access to the vaccine for the Covid-19. Maybe we’ll have a better financial outlook. Or maybe it will be more of the same struggles we had last year. This year could be even better than last year.

As this year begins, let me share a couple of my goals, because writing them down is important. Granted, these are not all my goals. This year I want to be a little nicer to those I come in contact with. This could be as simple as a smile (except for the COVID-19 mask hiding it) or looking for small things I can do to be nice. Another goal is to continue to improve my writing. To do this, I will continue to write at least three hours a day, around my fulltime job. I still plan to have a book read for Amazon each quarter of the year, so keep watching for my next book.

I think this year can be better, or it can be worse. But I don’t think that really depends on what happens to or around us. I think the determination of whether this is a better year, or a worse year is something we each get to choose.

I have two of my books set up as free on Amazon Kindle starting tomorrow, January 3 and running until January 7, 2021. Demons of a Dead World, which is a Young Adult Science Fiction, and The Threads Unbound, which is a Young Adult Fantasy. If you are interested, check them out.

Also, my work in progress that has a little time travel, is getting closer to being ready for March.

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