Thoughts on Goals

I have now had this website up for one week, and it has been a busy week. While I love writing, I still have a day job to pay the bills. But I have set some goals, both long term, and short term. Just this year, I earned my Blackbelt in karate. That was a goal that took a lot of effort and practice over a few years. Writing good books is another goal of mine. I’ve been writing stories since I was in junior high.

Goals are all around us, because if you don’t know where you want to go, it really doesn’t matter what you do. In my experience, it doesn’t just stop at setting a goal. After deciding where you want to end up or what you want to accomplish, you have to plan for getting there. During the course of your efforts to achieve those goals, you’ll have to reevaluate your progress and make changes when needed.

Just this week, I finished the final draft of another science fiction book. I’m letting some of my beta readers read it. If all goes well, I plan to have it published in December on Amazon. Now, if you have read this far, here is a description of the book I just finished writing:

Jonah Matson is in too deep. To save a few of his friends from the Amalgamation’s cleansing, he made a deal with aliens, the Klinesmen. In exchange for safe passage for a few humans, Jonah would provide them unprocessed stems, devices mined from deposits on Kline’s World. It would be easy. Jonah had the connections and the access required to reach the mined stems prior to processing. But nothing is ever easy and for Jonah the consequence of capture is execution for treason. Even worse, his deal goes both ways, if he doesn’t risk capture to provide the unprocessed stems, the Klinesmen will hand him over to the Amalgamation. Jonah cannot fail, even if he loses everything to save friends.

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