Real Life and Writing

Many times during my stressful day job, I find myself thinking about characters in books I’ve read or want to write. I think about how they handle stress and failure. Some of the most interesting characters may not face the biggest problems until their first attempts at solutions make them tougher. Right now, with theContinue reading “Real Life and Writing”

Not All Challenges are Bad

This has been an interesting week for me. Like a protagonist in a good story, I’ve had some challenges added to my daily life. I’ve been given more responsibilities in my day job, which have made my days busier. But in the midst of that, I’m not giving up on improving my writing. For me,Continue reading “Not All Challenges are Bad”

I’m Still Growing as a Writer

After working for the last three and a half months on my last story, I’m working to organize and outline another science fiction story. I’ve been writing and coming up with stories since I was in middle school, so I still have more ideas. I really like mashing some of those old ideas together justContinue reading “I’m Still Growing as a Writer”

Collected Lives Published

My latest book, Collected Lives, is now available on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback. Check it out. This one is a science fiction thriller taking place near the end of the twenty-second century. In that time, everyone has implants that allow them to see the augmented reality programmed by a major corporation called CollectedContinue reading “Collected Lives Published”

Finding Growth Through Stories

My current work in process is currently going through the editorial process in preparation for me to upload it to Amazon by the end of April. If I need to make a lot of changes, it could delay that a little. But I have really worked to make this book better than the last book.Continue reading “Finding Growth Through Stories”

Is It Ever Easy?

I’m still working on the finishing touches of my current book. I’ve written and rewritten the final chapters a couple of times. One thing I know for sure is that it can’t be easy for my protagonists to get through it. If it is too easy, the reader may not enjoy it. The struggles theyContinue reading “Is It Ever Easy?”

Almost Finished

This week, I am almost done revising my current work in progress. The book is a science fiction story set in a future world crowded with people. The Moon, Mars, and Venus have been colonized, but those who leave Earth are not allowed to return, unless they use technology that allows them to ride alongContinue reading “Almost Finished”

A Character’s Weaknesses are Important

I tend to read more science fiction and fantasy than other types of fiction. When I really enjoy a book, I usually find it is a book that involves good characters in a fantastic setting. But what makes a good character? In the good stories, with strong characters, they are stronger, it seems, if theyContinue reading “A Character’s Weaknesses are Important”

Courage Different for a Protagonist than Us?

I’m reading through my next novel, my current work in progress. I have one protagonist, surrounded by many other characters. As I read through the story this time, I know what challenges are coming and what courage the protagonist will have to find. It got me thinking about courage and whether it is different forContinue reading “Courage Different for a Protagonist than Us?”

When All Seems Lost for the Protagonist of a Story

I’m nearing the end of writing my current novel, and my protagonist is facing some awful choices. It’s still my first draft. But I have made sure my protagonist has others that might help him. I’ve tried to make those other, supporting, characters have depth. Each one of them will face the challenges that comeContinue reading “When All Seems Lost for the Protagonist of a Story”