My Progress on My Next Book

I’m reading through my time travel book one more time before I pass it on to my beta readers. I finished writing it this last week, and at 130,000 words it is one of the longer books I have written. I plan to have it ready for Amazon Kindle by the end of March. LikeContinue reading “My Progress on My Next Book”

Is 2021 the year where everything changes?

We made it through one of the roughest years I remember. But although it was a rough year, I learned an awful lot about myself. I learned that I am not too old to try new things, such as this website with a blog. I’ve always loved writing, but I’ve always been nervous about puttingContinue reading “Is 2021 the year where everything changes?”

Another Honorable Mention for My Writing!

As you can see from the image above, I received an honorable mention for my short story “For All the Stones” that I submitted to the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writer’s of the Future Contest for the fourth quarter this year. It is not the first honorable mention I have received from that contest. In fact,Continue reading “Another Honorable Mention for My Writing!”