How Many People are Better for Knowing You?

As I have been working on my latest work in progress, a fantasy story with several key characters, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about their relationships. My protagonists are from different sides of the same problem. As each of them reacts and interacts with the others it brings a depth to the story. Granted, I’m writing fiction, but in the same way those interactions are important for the story’s depth, my own relationships bring more value to my life.

I firmly believe that the most important things we’ll have when we die are our experiences and our relationships. Just this week, I’ve been reminded of this. One man I’ve known off and on for many years passed away this week from a battle with cancer. Hearing all those he came in contact with over the years discuss how their interactions with him had positive effects on their lives, helps. We all know people who make us see ourselves in a different light or make us want to be better. This man was one of those.

So, my question for this week is how many people are better because they know you?

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