A Character’s True Self

This week I’ve been thinking a bit about how characters in a story see each other. Not everyone shows their true self during a first impression, and it should be the same with characters. Just like people, they approach a new meeting with their own defenses raised. It’s only when another character is found trustworthy that they let them get closer and the shields fall away.

I think many people do the same thing. As I’ve built characters for my novel in progress, this is one of the things I thought about. A few of the characters are involved in the darker things happening, and I’ve had to find ways to understand how they want to be perceived. For everything to work out in their favor, some of their personality and history remains hidden. They’re comfortable with that. To get them to open up, I’ve added interactions with other characters, and put them in situations where pieces of their true selves come out. They may not like the result in some cases. They may not be as perfect as they pretended to be. But that vulnerability makes them something readers may relate to easier. The flaws make characters more human, even if that flaw is never being comfortable with who they are.

I like to compare the stories and the characters I write and read to experiences in life. After all a good story will echo a reader’s own sensitivities. I guess the choice really comes down to how I want to be seen versus how I really am. Like many characters in good stories, I think we all wear shields to protect our true selves from the world.

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