I’m Still Enjoying the Escape

I’ve come to the end of yet another busy, stress-filled week at my day job. I enjoy the work, but I also really like to write. In fact, my writing in the morning, at lunchtime, and in the evenings helps me stay rounded. When the stress gets too high, I can pull myself away at lunch, shut myself off to those at work, and focus on my story. This week has been a good week for writing. I’ve had several days where I’ve written more than 4,000.

I think everyone needs an outlet to vent their frustration. For me, writing is my biggest escape, but I’m also a blackbelt in karate. So not only do I work a fulltime day job, but I also go to karate classes three times a week. Fitting time in to write is tough at times, but I manage to write about three hours a day during the week.

I’m still enjoying the escape that writing gives me. Reading books is almost as good. Lately I’ve been reading a few books: one is Wrath of Empire by Brian McClellan; another is A Little Hatred by Joe Abercrombie. Beyond that, sometimes, while I sit at my desk to work my day job, I also listen to audio books. I just finished an odd audiobook, John Dies at the End by David Wong.

Everyone needs an escape or an outlet. For those of you interested, I’ve almost completed my draft for my fantasy book I plan to release in June. I’ve got almost three months to polish it and get it ready. I think I can do it.

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Resonance, a time travel story.

If you’re looking for a science fiction story, try my books The Promise of Dust or Progenitor’s Legacy: Deceit.

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