My Writing This Week

Here I am at the end of another busy week. It has been a great week for my writing. I’ve had a few days where I was able to write over four thousand words on my work in progress. It’s now nearing one hundred twenty thousand words. I plan to have that one ready for June.

In that story, those living in the empire understand the need for sacrifice. To preserve the emperor’s life, the citizens of the empire offer their own children as sacrificial servants to the Forty, the mages who preserve the emperor with their magical generators. In their world, magic flows in veins through the land. Sacrifice is the key to drawing that power from the world. It used to be done through voluntary human sacrifices, but the Forty have found a different way.

I like good, productive weeks where the words flow onto the page. Each day at my day job, especially the stressful days, I’m grateful I can take my lunchbreak and unwind into a story. It helps offset the stress of my fulltime job, and I can come back after that break, ready to face the challenges of the second half of the day.

Check out some of my fantasy and science fiction books available on Amazon.

Resonance, a time travel story.

If you’re looking for a science fiction story, try my books The Promise of Dust or Progenitor’s Legacy: Deceit.

If a young adult science fiction is more to your liking, check out my series This New Earth, that starts with Demons of a Dead World and Secrets of a Dead World.

If you are looking for a young adult fantasy, check out my book The Threads Unbound.

My next book, a fantasy story, will be ready in June.

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