Writing a Story Versus Creating a World

I’ve been working hard on my current book, writing every day, and trying to make it my best book so far. But while writing these last two weeks, I’ve noticed how the story seems to sit in the back of my mind no matter what I’m doing or where I am. As I drive toContinue reading “Writing a Story Versus Creating a World”

The Inciting Event

Change is constant. Just like the inciting event in a story, some changes open the way for bigger growth. Think about some of the best stories and how the main character changed from the beginning to the end. In many stories, the inciting incident is the moment or event that disrupts the characters’ lives. InContinue reading “The Inciting Event”

What Makes a Memorable Scene?

I’ve been writing and organizing my scenes a lot this week on my current book in progress. I’m just over halfway through the draft of my current book. It’s going a little slower because of changes at my day job that limit my time to write. Even with those limits, I’ve taken time to thinkContinue reading “What Makes a Memorable Scene?”

Do Characters Tell the Truth?

During my writing this week, I’ve been getting to know one of my story’s characters even better. His interactions with others are tempered by his past. Due to those experiences he endured, he is a very guarded man. When he speaks, he never shares the full truth, and what he does say is skewed byContinue reading “Do Characters Tell the Truth?”

Plans, Dreams, and Reality

Earlier this week, I had a discussion with someone I trust about how reality beats out dreams sometimes, especially if we don’t adjust our plans or try new approaches. It got me thinking. Everyone has dreams, aspirations, and goals, even if they don’t realize it or make them a reality. In my life, I’ve takenContinue reading “Plans, Dreams, and Reality”

One of My Best Books

While I continue to write my current work in progress, I’ve also been rereading one of my favorite books I’ve written. I just set up my book A Map, a Mage, and a Sacrifice with a new cover, one that fits the story better, and I also have it set up as a free KindleContinue reading “One of My Best Books”

How Characters Interact

As I continue to write my next book, I’ve thought a lot about what brings the characters to life. I find that stories where the characters struggle with each other or have entirely different desires are the stories where I remember the characters the most. In some stories, the main characters hate each other, butContinue reading “How Characters Interact”

According to Plan, Maybe

I’ve been writing as often as I can, and my next book is coming along. I may be slower to write this one than the last several, but I hope that will help it be even better. This time, I’m working to make my characters an the events of the story better. I’ve got someContinue reading “According to Plan, Maybe”

A Fresh Start on My Book

I’ve spent this week working on a fresh start for my current book in progress. Sometimes, it is great to get a fresh start. After writing the first one hundred pages in my last draft, I had to change up the characters a little to bring out what I see as the strongest conflict amongContinue reading “A Fresh Start on My Book”

Characters Aren’t Perfect

As I prepare my revised outline and develop my characters more, I’ve realized some of what makes us interesting is our quirks. Everyone, even those who are smart and seem to have everything figured out, may do odd things. A couple of my characters needed this added depth to their lives. For one, it mightContinue reading “Characters Aren’t Perfect”