Want to Go On a Journey?

Books are amazing. They take us places we might want to go. They take us through things we would never want to experience. They help us see things from a different perspective. At least, that is what a good book should do. If you have been following along, you know that I love to read science fiction and fantasy stories, sometimes two or three at a time.

I just finished reading Binary Storm by Christopher Hinz, and have started to read two other books, Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline and Salvation by Peter F. Hamilton. I’m sure I’ll like the settings of the book by Peter F. Hamilton. His settings always get me thinking.

My favorite books change a lot depending on my experiences as I read them. Every book is a journey. On one side, the author experiences the book and other the other, the reader experiences it. I’m just starting out on this journey with my writing.

I’m almost done with my current project, and I’m just putting the finishing touches on it. I’ve added a couple pieces to the beginning and am making sure the rest of it lines up. I plan to have it uploaded to Amazon by next weekend, probably December 19, but depending on their review time, it may be a few days after that before it is live.

So, if you are interested, keep an eye out and I’ll tell you when my next book is ready. Come join me in my journey.

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