The Threads Unbound


In years long past, humanity ruled the world as the greatest of the gods’ creations. They ruled with power as they manipulated the threads of creation. But they grew too powerful, and their power was locked away in Derek’s Spire. The last of humanity survives, exiled on seven cities lifted from the world below.

That was centuries ago, and many wait for the time the power will be unbound, and humanity freed. For seventeen-year-old Nathan, a young man who survives on the streets of Derek’s Hope, the threads are a key to continued life. He can see them, and sometimes, he can work them to steal food or clothing. Only using them when he is desperate, he knows nothing of the stories or prophecies of the power’s return. But one evening, after a failed attempt to steal leftover bread, his ability is noticed. His ability, for many, signals the end of the exile of humanity.

The church, an ancient society, and even the cities’ leaders, want control of his ability. They want to unlock the power in Derek’s Spire. That is the key to humanity’s freedom. But each group wants that power for a different reason. Nathan’s life will never be the same. If he is going to survive, he must act quickly, rather than wait for the groups to force his actions. The power to manipulate the threads is dangerous and releasing it may kill him.

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