Secrets of a Dead World

This New Earth: Book Two

Everyone has secrets . . .

Aidan and Raelynn Semple once had a secret, but with the recent encounters with the planet’s inhabitants, demons, near Second Chance, everyone knows they can communicate with the demons. Chairman Ricks, the leader of the colony of Second Chance, allowed them to remain free of cryo-pod storage if they acted as early warnings for the return of the demons.

But when the demons come back, everything changes. Chairman Ricks appoints Commander Richards as the colony’s interim leader. Commander Richards inflicts a curfew and other changes, leaving Aidan and Raelynn to face a much larger group of demons all on their own. This time the demons are more than curious. This time they want something Commander Richards won’t give them.

Commander Richards wants Aidan and Raelynn in cryo-pod storage, while the demons seem to think Aidan and Raelynn can help. Even if their ability to communicate with the demons can help calm the coming storm, Aidan and Raelynn must act carefully. Succeed or fail, their world will change forever as more secrets are brought to light. Those secrets threaten the stability of the human colony on this New Earth.

No secret can be hidden forever . . .

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