Progenitor’s Legacy: Deceit

We were not alone in the galaxy . . .

The ancient Progenitors seeded the galaxy with their stems. These small devices, designed to provide a boost to sentient races on the seeded worlds, have changed humanity forever. Control of the stems is a human priority. Their control means the difference between extinction and survival.

Kline’s World is one of those seeded worlds, but one where humanity is not alone. The Klinesmen, humanity’s name for the aliens, still live as tribes. For decades, some humans have shared technology with the Klinesmen, helping them come closer to humanity’s level.

Jonah Matson’s father was one of those men. After his father’s execution for treason, Jonah distanced himself from those influences. But Jonah is forced to rethink his new life. The Amalgamation, a collection of stored human personalities that govern humanity, announces another round of human cleansing. The new round of cleansing endangers his friends’ families. To save them, he must use those old connections, but using them could ruin his new life.

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