Sequel to Resonance, and Dissonance


The sickening feelings or double memories caused by timestream changes.

The Machina

A supercomputer designed to predict disasters and prepare for the recovery afterward. Its creation unleashed time travel.

The Future Fixers

The Machina choses those who feel the resonance to be Future Fixers. Wyatt Barnett is one. He and the other Future Fixers protect the timestream and time travel technology. But a new group wants to destroy the Machina and undo its effect on time travel. If the new group succeeds, the world will change forever. Wyatt and the other Future Fixers would never have existed. They must stop the group, but in the process, Wyatt struggles to understand the true nature of the resonance and the Machina. Can they stop the new group in time? Should they stop them?

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